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Sebo Dart 2 Twin Motor Upright Vacuum - FREE DELIVERY (Commercial Felix)

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£225.50 ex VAT £270.60 incl.
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Includes Crevice Nozzle and Attachment Clamp


  • 'Flex' neck
  • S-Class Filtration
  • On-board hose
  • Crevice nozzle/tool & attachment clamp
  • 4-level height adjustment
  • Auto shut-off, if brush jammed
The Dart 2 with its 'Flex' swivel neck is extremely manoeuverable and is ideal for use in confined areas. The powerful brush motor 'pulls' the machine over the carpets making it effortless to use. The 37cm powerhead is easily detached to make a lightweight hand held powerunit with flexible hose. It is easily carried with the comfortable carrying handle.Do you have polished floors? Why not look at the Sebo UHS polishing head attachment, it will turn your vacuum into an effective floor polishing machine
 The machine features S-Class Filtration and meets the demanding needs of asthma and allergy sufferers. The sealable 3 layer filter bag is easily changed, as is the double helix brush roller. The brush motor has an auto shut off feature to prevent damage in the event of the brush getting jammed
Every floor has it highs and lows. An electronic guidance system in the Dart model indicates the correct height setting for optimum cleaning performance. With four levels to choose from all flooring types are covered. The electronics will also shut off the motor should the brush become blocked. The brush roller can be easily removed; to clean or replace, simply push a button. A soft bumper protects against knocks. The Dart 2 has a 37cm width & the whole machine can be placed in a vertical position allowing it to easily vacuum under furniture. The Dart will also vacuum flush to a wall, making sure you don't miss any parts of the floor or carpet.
Unlike cheap vacuums or cheap hoovers the Sebo vacuums are built to last and will continue to give good service for aslong  you have them.

Although bagless vacum cleaners are popular they still can’t beat using vacuum cleaners with bags. Bags help in preventing dust and particles from getting in to the motors.


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